How to Suppress Voters: Purge Voters

I’ve been following the number of voter registrations in the state of Wisconsin for a long time now (, and that state in particular has seen a number of large voter purges over the last few years. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to purge voters from the roles, but the concern is that some nefarious purges might be masquerading as legitimate. There have been several large news stories about voter purging over the last few years. States where this seems to be a recurring problem are Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas. Back in 2016, New York State was even under scrutiny over purging 126,000 voters

Florida, Georgia, North Carolina Still Purging Voters at High Rates

These purges are all implemented under the condition that they are to clean up the roles. Without anecdotal information, it is difficult to back that up. But then anecdotes are just that, anecdotes. 

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