How to Suppress Voters: Voter ID Laws

Voter ID laws are just flat-out unfair to a large number of populations that may not have easy access to an ID. Like urban poor, the homeless, the elderly, and native Americans. They can also cause chaos when implemented. In fairness, we do need ways to confirm that people vote once and are voting legally. But we do have measures in place, like looking up people when they show up to the polls. Which is done any way here in Virginia, so why the redundant systems?

But do you know what would be even safer and more secure than voter ID laws? Mail-in voting! If the government knows enough about you to collect taxes, then they already have everything the need for a vote by mail system.

Voter ID laws in states like Georgia have been so oppressive that they nearly prevented the democratic candidate for governor in that state from voting.

Fortunately Stacey Abrams had the means to stand up for their rights, but this raises the question of how many people were blocked in this way, and couldn’t because they needed to run back to their jobs?