How to Suppress Voters: Unreliable Voting Equipment

Another method that can make voting more difficult, simply allow a broken voting machine to be sent and used at a polling location. If a machine doesn’t work, it will cause delays for people to use the remaining ones at that location. This was the case in some locations in Georgia in 2018 ( where people had to wait up to 4 hours in line to vote. Or worse, if the machines switched a person’s vote to the other party than they intended. This appeared to happen In 2018, when many locations in Texas and Georgia reported it. ( These malfunctions only seemed to be only reported in largely democratic precincts, and systematically changing from a democratic candidate to a republican, not the other way around.

It’s one thing if malfunctioning machines were sent to these locations on accident,but certainly another if it had been done on purpose. None of the sources here allege that sending malfunctioning machines was an intentional act by any officials, however, there does appear to be a continued resistance from Republicans to address these issues.

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Or buggy votes didn’t even make it back to the state count 

It was reported that Russian intelligence operatives attempted to infiltrate several voting systems, including my home state of Virginia in 2016